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                                                                        # 1 fusion radio station, catering to the local and South Asian community. Broadcasting live from Vancouver Canada, can be  listened online anywhere in the world. Bonding all from different parts of the world.

Your "masti bhari" fun filled, 24 hr radio station... THE STATION OF FUSION!

A proud supporter of the BC Children’s Hospital, helping communities support charitable organizations. Helping stop violence against anyone, protect and support our youth, support our seniors and work towards anti bullying and anti racism. 

Our mission is "to motivate, promote  talents and achievements, contribute to our community and raise awareness by educating and by creating a positive environment overall" 

With our hosts working around the clock to provide you with quality hits, you will never get bored listening to our station. Click on the listen live button and let our hosts entertain you. Launched in September, 2017. Live broadcast from Vancouver B.C, Canada.
Bringing your home country to you here in Canada and sharing Canada's news to you all over the world wherever you are listening!

Entertaining you 24hrs with Music, fun programs, free public service announcements, programs and music in different languages.... Hindi, English, Tamil and Punjabi.

Real time news from Canada, Fiji, India including sports news,obituary, inspirational talk shows, Bollywood/Hollywood gossip and mixed/reality shows.

                Your Inspiration and Your Community Support, Your Station of Fusion! 

Ye Masti Nahi Sasti!  Anekta Mein Ekta ki Hamari Shaan Hai, Yahi Radio Bula Masti Ki Pehchaan hai!  

 It's a Station of Fusion!!            Aisha Babli, President

With over 18 years of experience in customer service and management. Has many years of public relations and radio broadcasting experience. Certified through BCIT and CITT. Has a passion for music and enjoys socialization. A great people person with great personality. Entertains all with her sense of humor, advertisements, heart touching Sher o Shayari(poems), music, reality programs, guest interviews and public service announcements. 

Bunty Nasib,General Manager "Yeh Masti Nahi Sasti "

With over 26 yrs of experience in customer care and health and safety. Many years of experience in the broadcasting radio industry, always puts a smile on everyone’s face. His great personality, creativity, sense of humor with attention to detail makes him an amazing host that can win anyone’s heart. Entertains all with his self- created trivia(Bhujaoni), jokes, comedy shows, public service announcements, reality shows, advertisements and promos.

Tina Sashi Kumar, Host

Apart from having the experience as a flight attendant and education through BCIT in Human Resources, Tina owns her own skin care business. She loves sharing her expertise with the public. She is fun, loving and enjoys meeting new people.

Maria Melo, Host

Apart from her charming personality, Maria is god gifted in many waysand shares her talent with the public. She has touched many hearts and looks forward to many more through her program "Messages from heaven" 

Umi, Host / Sales

A great singer. Umi is a seeker and traveller on the path to know herself. Loves nature, music, children and all the things with beauty. With her great charming personality, Umi entertains all with the program Sham-E- Ghazal, Bhooli Yadein and Kids Connection.

Shanel Makaleisi, Director "Kon Roki"

Experienced in the legal field for over 8 years. A gym fanatic and enjoys kick boxing. Apart from keeping everyone on their toes with her business experience and friendly nature,entertains as a co-host,advertisements and promos.

Dev Sachin, Host

Dev’s past experience as a sports announcer in the radio industry makes him a great host and is known as a sporty king.Dev does an excellent job in bollywood gossip as well because of his interests. His got a lot of contact in overseas countries that helps to keep the world informed all the time.

Big Daddy, Marketing/host

A veteran, known very well in the community. Loves to sing and is agreat coach and mentor! His smile says it all. So involved in marketing and wants nothing but the best and a bright future for the company.

                                         Priya, Host

A student and community supporter, involved in different youth groups and dance school. Brings to you, the youth and Hasti with Masti program. 




All times stated in PST unless stated otherwise

Bhakti  Bhajan - Rj Nasib  Daily 5am - 6am

Drive time show - Rj  Nasib Mon Fri 4pm - 6pm

Dil Shayarana - Rj Aisha                           Mon - Fri  9am - 11am  

Bhabi Ji - Rj Shabi, Fiji  Mon- Fri  1pm-3pm,  Fiji time: Tue - Sat 8am - 10am 

Ayurveda, Rj Umi & Dr Lambert - Mon 6pm -8pm 

Sham-E- Ghazal- Rj Umi , Wed 6pm-8pm

Bhooli Hui Yadein-  RjBig Daddy, Tue 6pm -8pm

Kahania Unsuni - Rj Afshan , Thur 6pm -8pm

Jume Ki Ahmiyat - Rj Nasib, Fri 11am - 12pm   

Bunty and  Babli - Rj Nasib & Rj Aisha, Fri 6pm - 8pm

Hungama Night - Rj Nasib Fri 8pm - 10pm

Local Talent-  Rj Aisha & Maria Sat 9am - 11am       

Chutney Mix - Rj  Tamatar & Phulaori       Sat 5pm -7pm

Bula Mix - Rj Nasib, Sun 8am -10am

Bhajan, Kirtan, Qawali - Rj Dev, Sun 10am -12pm

Journey of Life-  Rj Big Daddy, Sat 12pm- 2pm

Bolly-Talk-  Rj  Mamina, coming soon

Change your thoughts, Change you life, Rj Jackie, Sunday 2pm -4pm

More Music More Masti , Sun 4pm - 5pm 

Hasthi with Masti ( youth ) - Rj Priya, Sun 5pm - 7pm

Ek Sham Villian Ke Naam -Rj Dev, Sun 7pm - 9pm 

Kabira Sa Ra Ra Ra Re - Various